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MISSION: GO! partners with motivated individuals in East Africa who have sustainable project ideas to positively impact their community.


GO! Individuals

GO! is a team of dedicated individuals from around the world who are committed to providing opportunities for children in East Africa.

GO! was founded by Canadian, Amanda Furst, but has quickly grown to include members from around the globe. We are currently partnered with trailblazing women in East Africa who are dedicated to providing life changing opportunities for hundreds of children in their communities. From students in Canada to brick makers, teachers, and artisans in East Africa, the members of the GO! Team are committed to working together to create positive change for the future!

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St. Laurent Nursery School

GO! is a Canadian non-profit organization that works hand in hand with its partners to bring to life community-initiated, child-centred projects in East Africa.

Our partners know first hand what their communities need so that the children can grow and prosper. They also know what they personally are able to bring to the table. From the very beginning until the project becomes sustainable and self-sufficient within the community, GO! and its partners work together as one. Our projects focus on meeting the needs of children and youth in areas of education, recreation, health. We believe that healthy minds and healthy bodies are the key to success.

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GO! focuses on rural, often overlooked, areas of East Africa with current projects located in Musha, Rwanda and Shirati, Tanzania.

GO!’s current projects are located in rural areas where there is a significant lack of amenities and facilities including lack of access to clean water and electricity. We work closely with local partners who are familiar with the area to ensure that projects are well targeted to meet the needs of the children in the community.

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Children are the future

Children are the future, and not only do they deserve opportunities, it is their right to have opportunities.

Every child deserves a chance to play, to learn, to grow, to feel safe, to belong, and a chance to be loved, regardless of where or to whom they are born. GO! is committed to making that happen for children in East Africa. We believe it doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes the whole world!

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GO! was officially born in 2010

GO! was officially born in 2010 however, the ideas and the dreams have existed for much longer!

Even before GO! was officially born, the GO! Team and its partners had been dedicating their lives to bringing positive change to their communities. GO! founder, Amanda Furst, grew up volunteering in her local community and began volunteering in East Africa in 2005. Marceline, the founder of St. Laurent Nursey School, began teaching over 80 children on her front porch in 2003. Hero Home founder, Tabitha Martin, has been caring for vulnerable children for over 20 years.

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GO! Benefit Concert

GO! works hard fundraising, and through detailed planning with our partners, we turn those funds into sustainable community projects.

GO! carries out a variety of fundraising activities every year. From benefit concerts, to partnering with school groups, organizing sports tournaments, we do anything and everything to raise the needed funds to make our projects come to life. With those funds, we collaborate with our partners to ensure that every dollar invested gets us one step closer to bringing our projects to life. To ensure our projects can become self-sufficient, we focus on creating income-generating programs that have the ability to financially support the daily operations of our projects. To learn more about our fundraising efforts and how you can help, check out GET INVOLVED!

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