• I teach because I believe children are our future.
    - Marceline Nirere, St. Laurent Nursery School, Founder

  • My greatest joy comes from being able to show love to children in need and put a smile on their faces.
    - Tabitha Martin, Hero Home, Executive Director

  • My goal is to do whatever I can to help others realize their dreams.
    - Victor Martin, Hero Home, Assistant Director

GO! News

EPIC Dodgeball Relentless

On November 18th, 2017 GO! will be hosting EPIC DODGEBALL RELENTLESS at Garden City Collegiate.
This is GO!'s third and most EPIC Dodgeball Tournament! Teams from the around the country and across the border will be coming to compete for Dodgeball GLORY!
To learn more about the tournament, visit GOEpicDodgeball.com or visit the FaceBook Event Page.

Why Support GO!

There are many great causes and wonderful initiatives that require support from generous individuals like yourself.

What makes GO! worthy of your support is our commitment to the following ideals:

Reason #1

100% Volunteer Run

100% Volunteer Run

Everyone on the GO! Team donates 100% of their time and energies to helping our projects succeed. Since inception, GO! members and directors have dedicated thousands of hours to help our projects become a reality.

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Reason #2

Over 97% of funds raised directly support GO! projects

Over 97% of funds raised directly support GO! projects.

Sounds unbelievable but it’s true! Funds raised do not go towards office space, airfare or any expenses for the GO! Team. It may be surprising, but GO! founder, Amanda Furst covers all her own expenses (including airfare, visas, insurance, vaccinations, and living costs) while volunteering for GO! whether she is in Canada or East Africa. GO!’s administrative expenses are minor and mainly consist of website related expenses. Our fundraising and marketing expenses are extremely minimal thanks to incredible volunteers and corporate sponsorship.

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Reason #3

GO! projects are community initiated and run

GO! projects are community-initiated and community-run.

GO! projects are the dreams and visions of the its partners. It is the partners that envision the project and are dedicated to make it work, day in and day out. Our role is not to impose ideas but rather collaborate with our partners in the planning, funding, and implementing of every project to ensure it becomes sustainable and self-sufficient.

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Reason #4

GO! believes in the potential

GO! believes in the potential, it does not exploit the poverty.

While some organizations prefer to focus on pain and poverty to raise funds, that is not and will never be GO!’s approach. The GO! team has seen first-hand all the amazing people in East Africa who are committed to making their community a better place. We prefer to focus on the positive and on all the potential that we see everyday. Thanks to the dedication of GO!’s partners, children have the opportunity to learn, to play, to grow and to be loved! We want to support our partners so that they can continue to help children reach their full potential.

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Reason #5

GO! strives for self-sufficiency

GO! strives for self-sufficiency in all its projects.

GO! believes in creating projects that are not only sustainable, meaning they have the ability to continue on year after year, but also self-sufficient. Relying on constant donor funding is not an ideal situation and something that we work hard to avoid when planning and implementing a project. We provide the initial funding and on-going support for projects but work with our partners to implement income generating initiatives so their projects can become self-reliant in the future.

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Reason #6

Remote areas of East Africa

GO! works in the remote and often forgotten rural areas of East Africa

While local governments and other non-government organizations often focus on urban centres, GO! seeks to implement projects in the remote, rural areas. We work in areas where basic necessities such as running water and electricity have yet to reach. Our goal is to provide children in impoverished rural area many of the same opportunities as those living in the more wealthy urban centres.

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