How GO! does it



Amanda and Marceline

GO! Founder, Amanda Furst, has spent years in East Africa and has had the privilege to meet incredibly inspiring individuals who are committed to bringing change to their communities.

GO! begins by cultivating a friendship with amazing individuals who are already hard at work in their communities. GO! works to understand their partner’s visions and then seeks ways to collaborate to help the project come to life.

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Amanda overlooking the landscape

From dream to reality, every detail is carefully planned by GO! and its partners...and then re-panned and re-planned based on the every changing environment.

For anyone who has attempted to bring a project to life, you know first hand that plans are constantly changing. We work with ours partners on Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and every other plan that comes up as a result of the ever changing environment. Weather, unstable political situations, and the ever changing economy requires that we be flexible and adapt our project plans to the best of our abilities.

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The community pitching in

The goal with every project is to involve the community and invest in the community.

Everything from contractors, to labourers, to materials is sourced locally. Not only does the community benefit from the final project, they also benefit from each phase of the implementation.

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Cleats for Kids event

GO! is always organizing events to help raise funds and awareness for our projects! Check out the EVENTS page to learn all about upcoming events near you!



Partnering with Winnipeg schools

GO! has partnered with over a dozen schools throughout Winnipeg to help raise funds and awareness.

As a certified teacher, GO!’s Founder, Amanda Furst, has developed an interactive presentation which she has delivered to hundreds of students from grade 1 to 12. Her presentations focus on dispelling many of the negative stereotypes people in Canada are quick to associate with the African continent. Amanda has helped Canadian students and teachers think more deeply about their peers in East Africa and how their lives are connected and impact one another. If you would like to book a presentation for your school, email or visit GO! SCHOOLS for more information.

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Generous individual donations

GO! is thankful to the many generous individuals that believe in the work we do and have supported our projects with substantial financial donations.