Nyumba ya Mashujaa- Hero Home

Nyumba ya Mashujaa - Hero Home is a place for children who have a wealth of potential but require support and the right opportunities to be able to fully develop their talents. Hero Home will consist of a community centre and a home for children in need in Northwestern Tanzania. It will serve as a place where kids of all ages and backgrounds can experience the joy that comes from being part of a community of caring people.

The Vision of Tabitha Martin

Tabitha Martin

Nyumba ya Mashujaa- Hero Home is the vision of Tabitha Martin, a Tanzanian mother, decorated marathon runner, national Tanzanian track coach, and experienced child-care provider. Following her running career, Tabitha has worked and volunteered for numerous NGOs including Right To Play and City of Hope. She has worked in many different orphanages and youth centres, always offering her children unconditional love and support. Tabitha is a natural with children. Her ability to interact and connect with children of all different ages and backgrounds is unmatched. For as many years as Tabitha can remember, it has always been her dream to create a place where she can combine her love of sport with her love of children. At Hero Home, Tabitha will use her love and knowledge of sport and play activities to teach the children vital life skills. Dedication, cooperation, and most importantly, team work will be reinforced through a variety of daily sport and play activities.

Youth Sport and Recreation Academy

In 2007, Tabitha decided to turn her dream into reality and began the process of registering her charity Youth Sport and Recreation Academy (YOSRA) in Tanzania. Two years later, in collaboration with GO!, Tabitha’s charity was awarded charitable status in Tanzania. In March of 2013, YOSRA and GO! purchased six acres of land on which to make HERO HOME a reality. Since receiving the land deeds, Tabitha and GO! have been working full force on bring Hero Home to life.


Phase 1 began in March 2013 and consisted of purchasing the 6 acres land and preparing it for construction. This involved:

  • Completing the necessary legal and government paperwork to own the title deeds to the land
  • Removing large boulders and rocks which will be used for construction purposes
  • Clearing the land of brush and trees
  • Building a storage shed
  • Clearing and leveling a temporary soccer field for children


Phase 2 began in May 2014 and progress continues. It consists of the construction of the initial buildings on the land. It includes:

  • Constructing two outdoor toilets and a shower
  • Drawing plans for Hero Home Main House and Office
  • Preparing the land for house construction
  • Laying the house foundation
  • Construction of the Community Centre and Nursery School
  • Planting trees and a garden
  • Starting income generating initiatives (watermelon farm and bakery)
  • On-going sports programs for children


Phase 3 is scheduled to begin mid 2015. It will include:

  • Opening the Nursery School
  • Completion of the well
  • Clearing and leveling an official soccer field
  • Creating two beach volleyball courts
  • Designing and constructing an innovative covered Basketball/Netball/Teamhandball court
  • Construction of the main house and office
Founder: Tabitha Martin
Location: Bukama, Mwanza, Tanzania
Start Date: January 2012

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Hero Home will consist of a community centre and home for children in need in Tanzania.

The New Land The Storage Shed The Children